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We'll buy any car... We not only sell used cars, we buy them too, regardless of age, make, mileage, or condition. 
It's easy: - The actual sale of your vehicle can take as little as 30 Min —just sign the paperwork and walk away with payment in hand.
- We’ll even handle your loan payoff, if needed.
It’s honest and transparent: - Just like our no-haggle pricing, we don’t play number games with your appraisal.
- You’re welcome to watch your inspection and speak with your appraiser, plus you’ll get a detailed summary of the inspection.

Selling your car to Dane's vs. selling on your own

It saves time and money: - No more payments
- No advertising fees
- No more depreciation
- No time wasted with tire-kickers
It's safe: - No meetings with strangers at your home
- Payment is always good
- We won’t change our minds and try to make you take the car back
It's hassle-free: - No title issues
- No problems with buyer funding or financing
Contact us today! Email - Call - 507-995-9856